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    06 Aug Memorabilia
    Frailers 0 147
    Frailers has over 600 items of memorabilia displayed around the shop, including old event posters,  guitar neon lights including Gibson, Martin, Fender, National,  also lots of copies of old adverts  from 1930s  catalogues.  one ad is advertising 6 g..
    06 Aug Old Guitar Prices
    Frailers 0 170
    For many years FRAILERS  used to advertise in the major guitar magazines.   Frank still has copies of some of those adverts and always said that guitars were an investment.  The advert shows this... in a full size page from one of those magazines in ..
    06 Aug Guitar Shows USA
    Frailers 0 171
    Frank started importing guitars in about 1989. His first shipment was from DAVE'S GUITAR SHOP in Wisconsin, USA.  He received a shipment from there or other dealers in the USA almost every week eight  DAVE ROGERS owner of DAVE'S suggested Frank visit..
    05 Aug Rory Gallagher
    Frailers 0 194
    RORY GALLAGHER  bought a guitar from FRAILERS in 1993.  Frank still has an ORIGINAL LETTER from RORY. It reads....Dear Frank,   hope you are well.  Say hello to LIVERPOOL and AREA.  Nice talkin' to you.  Will be in touch.Thanks RORY GALLAGHER..
    05 Aug Noddy Holder/ Mark Radcliffe and Rory Gallagher
    Frailers 0 173
    MARK RADCLIFFE who does the FOLK SHOW and GLASTONBURY etc for the BBC has been a customer for many years.  He has bought many guitars from FRAILERS including PRE-WAR GUITARS.  He brought NODDY HOLDER to FRAILERS and NODDY has bought SIX GUITARS here...
    05 Aug BackBeat - The Fifth Beatle
    Frailers 0 131
    FRAILERS  loaned guitars to the BEATLES film  'BACKBEAT-THE FIFTH BEATLE.'   The film featured STUART SUTCLIFFE.FRAILERS loaned genuine 1950s guitars to documentary 'WHO PUT THE BEAT IN MERSEYBEAT?'The documentary was filmed in the old JACARANDA CLU..
    05 Aug MARK RADCLIFFE and ROY WOOD of WIZARD BBC Documentary
    Frailers 0 109
    MARK RADCLIFFE and ROY WOOD of WIZARD seen here  during the making of a BBC DOCUMENTARY.    The camera crew were filming in Liverpool and the USA after visiting FRAILERS.   The documentary is  about the TOP TEN SONGS that have earned the most ROYALTI..
    05 Aug Janet and Greg Deering
    Frailers 0 119
    Janet and Greg Deering owners of DEERING the GREAT AMERICAN BANJO company whilst on a visit to FRAILERS in the summer of 2009 said,"If we had a store,  this is how we would like it to be."..
    05 Aug Billy Connolly
    Frailers 0 146
    Billy Connolly has been to Frailers about  five times. On the first occasion he was playing at the Apollo in Manchester.  He needed his Vega banjo repairing...the same one seen on his programmes. He went to lunch with Mike Harding and Mike suggested ..
    05 Aug The Remo Four
    Frailers 0 92
    In his youth Frank visited many famous clubs in Liverpool.  In the autumn of 1961 he visited the Cavern Club all night session.  The Beatles with original drummer Pete Best were top of the bill, supported by Gerry and the Pacemakers,  the Remo Four a..
    03 Aug Barclay James Harvest Guitar
    Frailers 0 125
    In the early 90s,  Les Holroyd from Barclay James Harvest, sold Frailers a rare Gibson c1964  EBS1250 twin neck guitar. Les told Frailers that the Gibson was allegedly owned by Procol Harem who recorded one of the top hits in the 60s which was a Whit..
    03 Aug Founder of Frailers
    Frailers 0 406
    Founded and run by Frank Murphy, himself a frailer of no mean skill, Frailers exists to provide a range of Guitars, Banjos, Dobros  and other string instruments of a quality and range not commonly found in one location in this country (UK).Frailers i..
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