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    Ozark Resonators Guitars

    We have both wooden and metal-bodied Ozark Resonator Guitars, we aslo stock resonators from the leading manufacturers including, Dobro Resonator Guitars, National Guitars, Gretsch Guitars, as well as other classic and vintage models are always available from Frailers, with stocks regularly updated from the U.S.A.

    We Are Authorised Dealers of National Reso-Phonic Guitars

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    Ozark 3515N Nickel plated Resonator Guitar. Steel body Nickel plated Mahogany neckRosewood fingerboard Chrome plated fittings ..
    £573.00 £529.00
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    Ozark 3515SQ New SQ Neck Resonator Wooden Body Guitar. This Ozark square neck wood body resonator is perfect for lap steel style playing. Its single-cone 'spider' resonator delivers plenty of sound and projection. The reversed machineheads are ideal for the lap steel position and ensure easy ..
    £420.00 £339.00
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    Ozark 3616T deluxe Tenor resonator guitar has a superb Bronze coated brass bodyWhat Ozark sayThe unique Ozark 4-string tenor resonator guitar has a superb nickel plated, engraved brass body. This tenor resonator guitar delivers a wide range of volume and tone to match its attractive looks, whether..
    £896.00 £699.00
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