We have Banjos from the leading manufacturers, Deering, Gibson, Ozark and Wildwood, as well as other classic and vintage models are always available from Frailers, with stocks regularly updated from the U.S.A. Classic & Vintage models hang side by side with newly made imported models from the far East, we have every banjo playing style for all skill levels.

Janet and Greg Deering, owners of Deering Banjo Company, on a visit to Frailers said,

"If we had a music store, this is how we would want it to be"

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Barnes & mullins Albert Banjo

Albert Banjo New In Stock.The ''Albert'' open back 5 String Banjo from Barnes & Mull..


Barnes & mullins Empress Banjo

Empress  Banjo New In Stock. The B&M Empress banjos are beautiful instrument..


Barnes & mullins Empress tenor Banjo

Empress tenor Banjo New In Stock BanjoThe B&M Empress banjos are beautiful instruments named..


Barnes & mullins Troubador Aged Banjo

Troubador Aged Banjo New In Stock BanjoThe Barnes & Mullins Troubadour is a superb burled ..


Countryman TCB 30 Banjo

Countryman TCB 30 NEW Banjo.Countryman 5 string banjo 30 brackets, 5 string banj..


Epiphone MB-100 Banjo.

Epiphone MB-100 NEW Banjo.The MB-100 open back 5-string banjo is the perfect traveling banjo and an ..


Fender Artist 5 String Banjo

 Fender Artist 5 String Used Banjo c1965 U.S.A Santa Anna  Made Instrument ,Comes With Cas..


Ozark 2109G Banjo

Ozark 2109G Banjo New Banjo comes with gig bag.Maple shell 18 plated brackets Rolled brass tone..


Paramount A style Tenor Banjo

Paramount A style c1920s Prototype tenor banjo in very good used condition and complete with case..