Bass Guitars

Bass Guitars

We have various brands of Bass Guitars which are constantly updated.

Our Bass Guitars are checked and set-up by our in-store guitar tech, Call Today for Best Prices.

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Fender American Jazz Bass

Fender American Jazz Bass c2008 Used Guitar In Great Condition Comes With Case. ..


Fender American Pro Precision Bass

Fender American Pro Precision Bass Black, MN Neck NEW Electric Bass Guitar.Specification&nbs..


Fender American Pro Jazz Bass

Fender American Pro Jazz Bass Natural, MN Neck NEW Electric Bass Guitar.SpecificationsA..


Fender American Standard Jazz Bass

Fender American Standard Jazz Bass c1999  Used Guitar In Great Condition Comes With Non Or..


Fender Squier Vintage modified Jazz Bass

Fender Squier Vintage modified Jazz Bass Olympic white  New Electric guitar..


Fender Standard Jazz Bass

Fender Standard  Jazz Bass Brown Sunburst,  NEW Mexican Electric Bass Guitar...


Fender Standard Precision Bass

Fender Standard Precision Bass Black, MN Neck NEW Mexican Electric Bass Guita..


Fender Standard Precision Bass

Fender Standard Precision Bass Candy Apple Red,  NEW Mexican Electric Bass Gu..


Stagg B300 4 String Fusion Bass Guitar

Stagg B300 bass guitar new All guitars set up by our in store tech.4-String Fusion electric Bass gui..


Stagg BC300-SB 4 String Fusion Bass Guitar

Stagg BC300-SB Fusion Electric Bass Guitar in Sunburst colour.4-String "Fusion" electric b..


Stagg P250 Electric Bass Guitar

Stagg P250 Electric Bass Guitar Standard "P" electric bass guitar Ref : ..