The Sundance Historic TW40 D AN E guitar is a remarkable acoustic-electric guitar that pays homage to the iconic dreadnought body shape while incorporating modern features to meet the demands of today’s musicians. This instrument is a stellar example of craftsmanship, featuring a classic dreadnought design that’s cherished for its powerful projection and full-bodied sound.

The top of the TW40 D AN E is crafted from solid spruce, a highly regarded tonewood known for its incredible resonance and ability to produce a wide tonal spectrum. Solid spruce lends this guitar bright and clear highs, along with a balanced midrange and robust lows, making it versatile and suitable for various playing styles. It’s also worth noting that solid spruce can age beautifully, enhancing the guitar’s tone and character over time.

The back and sides of the TW40 D AN E are constructed from mahogany, a tonewood celebrated for its warm and mellow tonal qualities. Mahogany provides a rich and earthy undertone to the guitar’s sound, contributing to a warm and rounded character that complements the brightness of the spruce top. This tonewood combination ensures that this guitar delivers a well-balanced and full-toned experience, making it perfect for both strumming and fingerpicking.

The standout feature of this guitar is its Fishman Presys EQ system. This sophisticated onboard electronics system allows you to easily amplify your sound for live performances or recording. The Fishman Presys EQ system provides a range of tone-shaping options, including a three-band EQ for precise control over your sound, a phase control for feedback prevention, a built-in tuner, and a digital display for easy adjustments.

The TW40 D AN E’s aesthetic design captures a vintage spirit, with a timeless “Antique Natural” finish that not only adds to its visual appeal but also allows the natural wood grain to shine through. The guitar is further enhanced with elegant binding and rosette detailing, enhancing its classic charm.