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    Brunswick BF-200 Acoustic Guitar

    Brunswick BF-200 Acoustic Guitar
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    • Brand: Brunswick
    • Model: BF-200
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    • Condition: New

    Brunswick BF-200 Acoustic New guitar available in mahogany  S/B and Red From Stock.

    The Brunswick BD200 model is a Dreadnought Acoustic guitar in the traditional style with squared shoulders and bottom. The name Dreadnought comes from the early 20th century warships, epitomised by HMS Dreadnought. The name was coined because this new guitar shape was big and powerful, delivering much more impact than the smaller bodied instruments more common at that time.

    The dreadnought body shape has proven extremely popular for the last century, and has become the industry standard guitar shape across the world. It has been so popular simply because its dimensions and design allow the instrument to project the sound very effectively, being able to deliver a loud, clear tone and be heard as part of a band or ensemble. Brunswicks 200 series are the perfect guitars for those looking to combine both performance with affordability. Using quality tonewoods and proven guitar technology, the BD200 range of guitars offers models to suit all tastes.

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