Sigma Guitars

We stock a wide variety of Acoustic Guitars from large dreadnaught bodied models, through smaller sizes, down to '00' sized, 12-frets to the body guitars, which are especially suitable for folk, blues, acoustic/country, classical, ragtime and mellow Celtic melodies, we also have a range of lower priced steel-strung and classical guitars which are always available. A small range of 12-string models are also on display.

All our Acoustic Guitars are checked and set-up by our in-store guitar tech, Call Today for Best Deals on our Sigma Acoustic Guitars.

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Sigma 000MEL LEFT HAND Acoustic Guitar

Sigma  000MEL LEFTY  NEW Acoustic Guitar NEW Acoustic GuitarBody Size: 000-14 FretConst..


Sigma JM-SG45L LEFT HAND Acoustic Guitar

Sigma  JM-SG45L Left hand  Acoustic GuitarIdeal for live work and equipped with respons..


Sigma 000mc-15e Acoustic Guitar

Sigma 000mc-15e  NEW Acoustic Guitar Body Size: 000-14 Fret, Cutaway Top: Solid Mahoga..


Sigma 000ME- NEW Acoustic Guitar

Sigma 000ME- NEW Acoustic Guitar. Specifications:Body Size: 000-14 Fret Top: Solid Sitka Spr..


Sigma 0MM-4 New Acoustic Guitar

Sigma 0MM-4 New Acoustic Guitar.The Sigma OMM-4 is a fantastic looking and sounding 000 model fro..


Sigma GJA-SG200 NEW Acoustic Guitar.

Sigma GJA-SG200 NEW   Acoustic Guitar. Available in  Sunburst finish from stock ..


Sigma GMC-STE+ NEW Acoustic Guitar

Sigma GMC-STE+ NEW Acoustic Guitar.Body Size: Grand OM-14 Fret, Cutaway Construction: Dovetail Neck..


Sigma GMRC-1STE NEW Acoustic Guitar

Sigma GMRC-1STE NEW Acoustic Guitar Body Size: Grand OM-14 Fret, Cutaway Construction: Dovetai..


Sigma GZCE 3+ NEW Acoustic Guitar

Sigma GZCE 3+ NEW Acoustic GuitarGrand OM-14 Fret, Cutaway Construction: Dovetail Neck Joint Top: ..


Sigma OMM-ST New Acoustic Guitar

Sigma OMM-ST New Acoustic Guitar. Body Size: D-14 Fret Construction: Dovetail Neck Joint T..


Sigma OMRC-1STE Acoustic Guitar

Sigma OMRC-1STE NEW Acoustic Guitar OMRC-1STE-SBBody Size: 000-14 Fret, CutawayTop: Solid Sitka..