Gibson Guitars

We stock a wide variety of Acoustic Guitars from large dreadnaught bodied models, through smaller sizes, down to '00' sized, 12-frets to the body guitars, which are especially suitable for folk, blues, acoustic/country, classical, ragtime and mellow Celtic melodies, we also have a range of lower priced steel-strung and classical guitars which are always available. A small range of 12-string models are also on display.

All our Acoustic Guitars are checked and set-up by our in-store guitar tech, Call Today for Best Deals on our Gibson Acoustic Guitars.

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Gibson CL-20 c1987

Gibson CL-20  std plus c1987 Used Acoustic Guitar With Case.All our used instruments ar..


Gibson Gospel c1994

Pre-owned, Gibson Gospel c1994 Acoustic Guitar 100 years celebration series 1894-1994 Made in Boz..


Gibson J-25 c1984 Acoustic Guitar

The Gibson J25 Made In 1984  Was Gibsons Answer To Ovation Guitars ,The Back Is Flatter Than the ..


Gibson J-35 c2018 Acoustic Guitar

Gibson J-35 c2018 Used Acoustic Guitar in fine condition And Has That Great Gibson Sound And Feel..


Gibson J-50 c1967

Gibson J-50 c1967 Used Acoustic Guitar Square shouldered, Has a centre seam repair which has been..


Gibson J-50 deluxe Acoustic Guitar

Gibson J-50 deluxe c1977 Used  Acoustic Guitar in nice condition for year,  Mahogany ba..


Gibson L-3 c1924 Used Acoustic Archtop

Gibson L-3 c1924 Used Acoustic Archtop nice used condition Comes with case.  ,All our used ..


Gibson Parlour AG c2018 Used Acoustic Guitar

Gibson Parlour AG c2018 Used Acoustic Guitar in great condition ,with That Great Gibson Sound And..