Acoustic Guitars Display

Our Acoustic Guitar Display 

Frailers stocks a wide variety of acoustic guitars from large dreadnought bodied models, through smaller sizes, down to '00' sized, 12-frets to the body guitars, which are especially suitable for acoustic/country blues, ragtime and mellow Celtic melodies.


 Acoustic GuitarsAcoustic GuitarsAcoustic Guitars 



We also cater for the beginner with a range of lower priced steel-strung and classical guitars which are always available. A small range of 12-string models are also on display.

Top Manufacturers

Famous names such as Guild, Fender, Martin, Gibson, & Ovation are just a few of the leading brand names always in stock at Frailers, Taylor, Takamine, Yamaha, Lowden, Dobro and National Guitars.




 Acoustic GuitarsAcoustic GuitarsAcoustic Guitars 





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